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Zero to thirty million – inspirational startup talk (Stockholm University)

Lär dig grundstegen för att starta eget företag. Vi går igenom de 10 mest betydelsefulla stegen som alla går igenom för att starta eget!

During this inspiration talk the founder of Beatly will share his biggest mistakes and also greatest successes in the company building.

Alexander began his carreer at Stockholm University, at the department of cumputer science (MarkIT) in 2015, and started a company in tendem with his studies. Beatly is today Sweden’s leading independent influencer network and makes thousands of paid collaborations – every year – around Europe.
Beatly has grown from 0 to just over 15 employees since 2015, and has now roughfly over 30 million in sales with ”stammisar”, repeated customers such as Spotify, ICA. During this inspirational lecture, Alexander will share for the first time ever, about his biggest mistakes and also the greatest successes in the company building. Mistakes you would like to avoid and successes you would like to be inspired by!
With elements of humor, experience and hopefull approach, entrepreneurs will get practical tips and advice on how to dare to get started quickly and efficiently with their ideas and building a company.
Hope to see you on this inspirational lecture!
Alexander Gradin

See you on:
Universitetsvägen 2B, 104 05 Stockholm


Datum 4 februari 2020, Kl. 15:00 – 16:00

Plats Södertörns högskolebibliotek

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